Mainz Central Station to Hilton Mainz City

An overview of your route (by foot):

Your route in detail:

From the platform, you can get to the station building by taking the stairs or the escalator. Then take the exit (downstairs) to the forecourt of the Central Station where the busses and trams depart.


Once you have left the station building, you can reach the station “Schillerplatz” with several connections – the direction of each bus line is in brackets:


55 (Bischofsheim)

54 (Ginsheim-Gustavsburg)

56 (Wiesbaden-Mainz-Kostheim)

57 (Wiesbaden-Mainz-Kastel)

60 (Ginsheim-Gustavsburg)

61 (Laubenheim)

62 (Mainz-Gonsenheim)

63 (Mainz-Mombach)


As there currently is a construction site near the train station, it is recommendable to take a bus than a tram line (50, 52). From the station “Schillerplatz”, it is just a few meters to Hilton City Hotel.

After getting off the bus at the station “Schillerplatz”, please take the first right-hand turn (following the direction of the buses) and you will find Münsterstraße, which leads you (100m) to the Hilton City Hotel.