Buddy programme

For the first time, there will be a buddy program at the conference of the Legal Psychology Division, organised by the junior members.

The basic idea
When attending a conference for the first time, it is easy to feel lost. Not only do you have to master the logistics and find the right presentation rooms at the right time. Making contact with other colleagues can also be a challenge. And then there is the social program with conference dinner, junior member meeting, ... - What should I definitely take part in? 
Mentors can be helpful support within the framework of the buddy program: they introduce their mentees to the conference world, give tips, provide an overview, and give them a nudge in networking. Conversely, the mentors also expand their network through their mentee and possibly get to know the conference from a different perspective.

What tasks do the mentors have and what can the mentees expect?
There are no fixed requirements for the individual buddy teams. We recommend at least one digital or personal meeting before or at the start of the conference, for example during the opening ceremony on the 27th of September. Mentors can share tips and tricks about the conference schedule (e.g. "How do I decide which sessions to attend?" or "How do I minimize stress during a packed conference day?"), recommend events or introduce their mentee to colleagues. The mentors can also be available to the mentees for questions during and before the conference. Young researchers who already receive support through their lab group can also benefit from the additional perspective that "external" mentors can offer.

Registration and procedure
If you are interested in participating in the buddy program as a mentor or mentee, please register by email (fg-rp-2023[at]uni-mainz.de) by 31/05/2023.

We will contact you in June and let you know who your buddy team partner is. You will then have enough time to contact your buddy by email before the conference.