As the organizing team, we made every effort to make the conference sustainable within our means.

  • In order to save resources, we will not provide conference bags or print conference booklets. We are also organizing the conference without sponsorship, thus avoiding the distribution of promotional materials (flyers, pens, etc.).
  • We encourage all participants to organize their travel by train and, as far as possible, to avoid air travel. To make this easier, we have negotiated cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, which allows you to purchase an event ticket at a fixed price nationwide (one-way 2nd class with/without train-specific travel € 51.90 / € 72.90; one-way 1st class with/without train-specific travel € 84.90 / € 106.90). Please note that the event ticket is only valid in Germany.
    Link to book event tickets with Deutsche Bahn (bookable from 180 days before the start of the conference):
  • There will be vegan options during the daily coffee breaks and social evening. Meat dishes will be the exception.