Overview of the conference program

Please find here an initial overview of the conference program. In addition, you will find more detailed information on the individual program items below, which will be continuously expanded and updated in the course of the upcoming months.

  Wednesday, 27/09/23 Thursday, 28/09/23 Friday, 29/09/23
Morning   Keynote 1 Keynote 3
Presentation sessions Presentation sessions
Afternoon Legal Psychology Division meeting Presentation sessions Presentation sessions
Award ceremony for early career researchers Poster session Presentation sessions
EveningLec Lecture for the general public Keynote 2  
DGPs junior member meeting Conference dinner  

Meet the expert

Information on the content will follow.

Legal Psychology Division meeting

Information on the Legal Psychology Division meeting will follow.

Award ceremony for early career researchers

This year, the Legal Psychology Division will again award one prize each for the best master's thesis and the best dissertation.

All graduates of a diploma or master's degree program in psychology or legal psychology who submitted their master's/diploma thesis or dissertation in the years 2021 to 2023 are eligible to participate. Candidates must either have submitted the thesis to a German university or be a member of the Legal Psychology Division (DGPs). Eligibility must be proven by appropriate documentation. By submitting the application, the participants agree to the conditions of participation. All decisions are final and binding in all respects and not subject to legal recourse.

To apply for the Early Career Researcher Award, the applicant must submit the following documents electronically in a single zip file to the Division Director (FgRE-Sprecher@dgps.de) by July 16, 2023:

  • PDF file of the complete thesis including appendix or, if the thesis was published in the form of one or more journal articles, the published articles in PDF format.
  • Brief description of the work in 1-2 pages (master's thesis) or 2-3 pages (dissertation)
  • Copy of diploma or master's certificate in psychology or legal psychology and, if applicable, the doctoral certificate
  • Curriculum vitae, if applicable, with details of previous publications
  • Written assurance that, in the event of a successful application, the award will be accepted in person on the day of the official award ceremony at the Legal Psychology Division conference (on 27.09.2023).
  • Proof of membership in the Legal Psychology Division (DGPs), if applicable.

For further information, please contact the spokesperson or the young member representative of the division:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Mokros

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Verena Oberlader

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Judith Iffland

The Legal Psychology Division would like to express its sincere gratitude to the five master's programs in legal psychology or psychology with a major in legal psychology at the universities listed below for sponsoring the Early Career Researcher Awards!

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Medical School Berlin
Medical School Hamburg
SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
Universität Bonn

Lecture for the General Public [German language]

Prof. Dr. Kristina Suchotzki: Haben Lügen wirklich kurze Beine? Eine wissenschaftliche Perspektive auf die Lügendetektion [Will the truth really come out? A scientific perspective on lie detection] Picture of Kristina Suchotzki, private.

This lecture for the general public will be held in the German language. We provide a translation of the abstract here for transparency:

There are many situations in which accurate lie detection abilities would be beneficial. Commercial providers offer training and promise that lies could be detected by changes in behavior or facial expressions (e.g., in the form of microexpressions). Others market lie detection using various technical tools, whether traditional polygraphs or newer developments such as thermal cameras or measurement of neural activity using EEG or fMRI. Sometimes such approaches are combined with the use of Artificial Intelligence, such as in the controversial iBorderCtrl program, which is testing lie detection on a large scale at airports and was funded by the EU with several million Euros. My presentation will focus on the scientific evidence of these different approaches to lie detection. I will present what studies and research results tell us about the effectiveness of each method and also what they do not tell us. I will show how important it is in this area to pay attention to the quality of scientific studies and provide criteria for judging them. I will critically discuss what conclusions could be drawn for the application of the different methods and give perspectives for future research and development.

DGPs junior member meeting

Information on the DGPs junior member meeting will follow.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place on Thursday evening, 28/09/2023, at the "Baron" restaurant on campus. After numerous efforts to have a classic conference dinner with a pre-ordered menu, we found that the lack of staff in the catering industry combined with the difficulty of negotiating fair and fixed prices due to inflation would have made such an event an uncertain venture with great financial risk. We would have had to charge fees that would have made the event extremely unattractive, especially for early-career researchers. This would have undermined the purpose of a conference dinner, to network and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere, and would have been a hurdle for those people, for whose careers this networking is particularly important.

We have therefore decided to offer a conference dinner on a self-pay basis at the campus restaurant "Baron". Registration for the conference dinner must take place as usual when registering but does not generate any costs at this point. Costs will only incur for the food and drinks ordered on the evening at regular restaurant prices. However, in order to make this evening calculable for our host "Baron", we require a binding registration. In addition, all persons who register to attend the conference dinner will be asked by e-mail shortly before the conference to select one of four meal options (predominantly vegan/vegetarian). Thus, we hope to provide an exciting conference dinner for all. 

Scientific program

The scientific conference program (incl. abstracts) will be available for download as a pdf file once it has been finalized. Please note that for sustainability reasons, no printed conference programs will be available on-site, only program overviews (titles without abstracts).

Here you can find an overview of the conference program as a PDF file. Here you can find an online overview of the conference program including abstracts.

Here you can find a PDF-file including all Abstracts of the 20th conference of the Legal Psychology Division.