For the fourth time, the Folio Days will provide information about the current project status of the plattform based open source library management system FOLIO and provide space for discussion and work. They are a meeting point for the German FOLIO community and everyone who is interested in FOLIO.

What you must have suspected is now inevitable certainty: We will not be able to hold the FOLIO-days this year.

It is now foreseeable that the conditions will not change decisively, so that an event of the planned size cannot take place and, in addition, the majority of the speakers will not be able to attend. Even though we were looking forward to welcoming you to the FOLIO-days, the safety of all participants will of course remain a priority.

We thank you for the overwhelming interest and also for the patience with which you hoped to find an alternative date with us in late summer! We will now reverse your registration and payment for you at no cost. Please give us a few more days for this.

Since the FOLIO software has nevertheless made significant progress and there is a lot to see and report on FOLIO, we would like to offer a virtual information program in the fall at short notice. This program will not be full-time, but will be adapted to the changed format in form and content. As soon as a - cost-free - registration is possible, we will contact you.

For the next real FOLIO-days the UB Mainz is of course still available. We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Mainz at a later date. Probably the world will look different again in autumn 2021 and we will have returned far enough to normality.


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