About MMA

MMA is the abbreviation for "Microwave Materials and Applications" and is a series of biannual conferences which have been held around the globe since 2000.

The MMA brings together experts from industry and academia in the field of microwave materials and their applications. Hereby the share of contributions of industry and academia is targeted to be equal. This fruitful exchange of ideas and challenges enables adjustment of academic research towards relevant problems. On the other hand it ensures that students get the chance to learn the relevant skills necessary in this field, especially the increasing integration in packaging, where the merging of more and more components and functionalities into a single package at higher frequencies is a strong driver for innovative material based solutions.

Previous conferences:

    • Aveiro - Portugal (planned for 2020 shifted to 2021 due to COVID-19 and finally cancelled),
    • Osaka - Japan (2018),
    • Seoul - Korea (2016),
    • Boise - USA (2014),
    • Taipei - Taiwan (2012),
    • Warsaw - Poland (2010),
    • Hangzhou - China (2008),
    • Oulu ‐ Finland (2006),
    • Inuyama ‐ Japan (2004),
    • York ‐ UK (2002),
    • Bled ‐ Slovenia (2000)