Location of the conference:

Helmholtz Institute Mainz, Staudingerweg 18, 55128 Mainz

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Public transport:
Several bus and tram lines stop at the University Campus. Bus lines 55, 56, and 57 go from the city center. All busses and trams to the University stop at Hauptbahnhof West (Main Station West). The most convenient lines are:
Bus line 57 (to Bretzenheim): Leave the bus at the bus- and tram-stop "Universität"
Busses 54 (to Klein-Winternheim), 55 (to Finthen), 56 (to Wackernheim), 75 (to Schwabenheim), leave the the busses at "Friedrich von Pfeiffer-Weg". Cross the bridge to enter the Campus.
Tram 51 or 53 (to Lerchenberg) from Hauptbahnhof West (Main Station West): Leave the tram at "Friedrich von Pfeiffer-Weg"

For those who come by car: Signs will lead you to the university. Enter the university campus from the main entrance in Koblenzer Straße ("Zufahrt" in the Campus-map). You find the parking lots in the campus-map.