The following workshops will be held during RAI 66:

Workshop 1: Akkadian Grammar and Lexicon

Workshop 2: Chronoi as a Factor in Cultural Contact with(in) the Ancient Near East

Workshop 3: Cultures of Contact – Modes of Interaction within Ancient Communities

Workshop 4: Digital Humanities Workshop

Workshop 5: Loanwords and Language Contact in Ancient Anatolia

Workshop 6: Near Eastern Weltanschauungen in Contact and in Contrast: Rethinking the Terms Ideology and Propaganda

Workshop 7: Partnership in Ancient Near Eastern Societies — Legal Texts in Comparative Perspective

Workshop 8: Priests and Profits — New Perspectives and Approaches to the Role of the Temple in Babylonian Economy

Workshop 9: Recent Fieldwork in the Near East

Workshop 10: Spatial Data for Cuneiformists


Abstracts (PDF)


Deadline for submitting abstracts for papers presented at a workshop: March 31, 2020

Abstracts should be sent directly to the organizers of the respective workshop (contact addresses are provided in the downloadable PDF), who will decide whether a contribution will be accepted. Please send abstracts for workshop 4 ("Digital Humanities Workshop") and 9 ("Recent Fieldwork in the Near East") directly to the organizing committee (

Time per presentation: 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Active participants of workshops (presentation) are kindly asked to register via our conference booking system by May 31, 2020.